Is there a difference amongst a nerd,knowledge seeker and a hacker?

Answer A nerd is an intelligent expert in a single technical field or profession. A knowledge seeker is someone who enjoys learning.A hacker is a programmer who breaks into other computers.There is some o... Read More »

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What is a torrent seeker?

A torrent seeker is a software program designed to search the databases of servers connected to the Internet that contain torrents. Torrents are files that have been made available for download, an... Read More »

Should a Job Seeker Pay a Recruiter?

In effort to score a better job--or, in many cases, any job at all--a job seeker will turn to a professional recruiter. This recruiter is generally hired by one or more companies to fill positions ... Read More »

How to Be an Attention Seeker?

Do you want to be the center of attention but lack ambition?

What is a job seeker allowance?

Known as "unemployment assistance" until Oct. of 2006, job seeker allowance is a government-run program in the United Kingdom that provides monetary aid to unemployed individuals who are actively s... Read More »