Is there a device to separate window blind cords?

Answer Cord separators are manufactured for several purposes, and keep the two cords on window blinds from becoming tangled. The shape of the cord separator is sometimes used to help identify the cords th... Read More »

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Does anyone know of a window blind that you can snap over a window and it acts like the blinds that are inside the glass?

Answer Home Depot has an Enclosed Blind for Patio Door which fit over existing glass. One might assume they have them for windows, also. # ODL BWM26601 on Home Depot site.

If cords are too short for a room from a surround sound system..are there longer cords for sale?

Hi, As long as it isn't one of them DVD/Blu-ray Home theater in a box type surround systems a lot of electrical retailers will sell speaker wire on a huge roll and they sell and cut by the metre. I... Read More »

How to Play a Flash Game in a Separate Window?

Have you ever tried playing a flash game, but the website had so many advertisements that the game was too slow to play? Try following these steps to play the game in a separate tab.

How to Remove Slats from a Venetian Window Blind?

Removing slats from venetian blinds is fairly easy.