Is there a device that does this?

Answer Just use closed caption.

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Is there a device that you can hook to your tv that picks up the satellite signal from a reciever in the home?

I don't know what it would be called, but it sounds like a wireless receiver, much like that of the wireless network adapters for the computer - your best better to find it is Radio Shack if you h... Read More »

Is there a device that is put in the brain to do stuff?

I know someone who has a cochlear implant. It allows him to hear through a connection made directly to the auditory nerves leading to the brain. It is nothing like a conventional hearing aid. The e... Read More »

Is there an electronic device I can buy that will help...?

Yes, but don't spend your money on it, they're cheap ineffective devices, and is just another product that is sold today to steal more money from the consumers.Report the guy to the police.

Is there some sort of robot device i can buy that will make me a cup of tea?

I could dress up as a robot and be your own personal tea slave :-)