Is there a default combination set for the lock on the iPod nano?

Answer Answer yes, the "default" code if it asks you to enter your "old code" (and you haven't yet set a code) is simply 0000

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How do you change the screen lock combination on an iPod Nano?

Plug your iPod into your computer with the cord then open iTunes. Goto to the bit in iTunes where you can see the iPods Summary then click restore. Start up your iPod goto screen lock and it will a... Read More »

How to Unlock the Screen Lock for an iPod Nano 4G?

No matter what the reason is--snoopy coworkers, music that’s inappropriate for your children or a desire to keep it to yourself--the fourth generation iPod Nano is equipped with a screen lock. Th... Read More »

What is Apple ipod default screen lock code?

** I have a 80 gb 5th gen classic - Just connect your ipod to a computer find your ipod on the "my computer" area or what I like to call the back end (NOT thru itunes!)- where it looks like folders... Read More »

How many combination possibilities are there for a 3 dial tumbler lock?

If the numbers 0 to 9 can be used as any of the three digits in a 3 dial tumbler lock, then there are 1,000 possible combinations starting at 000 and finishing at 999.Source:Math Central: Three Dig... Read More »