Is there a cure to diabetes?

Answer On One Hand: There Is No Cure for DiabetesThere is no cure for any of the three types of diabetes--Type I, Type II and gestational. Treatment--diet, exercise, pills and insulin injections--helps to... Read More »

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Is there any cure for Diabetes?

There are two main types of diabetes. Type 1 - No cure yet, but one Dr. Faustman is achieving some success in rats with beta cell regeneration. Read More »

Is there any hope to cure the type I diabetes?

Absolutely, there is hope to cure Type 1 diabetes and I have little doubt it will happen in my son's (he is a T1)lifetime. There has been tremendous strides in the field.There is great promise wit... Read More »

Does anyone know if there is a cure for diabetes?

Can I have the cure for diabetes And I wanna cure it permanently...?

There IS NO CURE tor diabetes.But BOTH types of Diabetes -- Type 1 and Type 2 -- are EASILY controlled using insulin and diet.YOU DAD NEEDS TO GAIN THE SELF-DISICPLINE NECESSARY TO DO EXACTLY WHAT ... Read More »