What is that writers block movie called?

Answer if it was a horror film about a writer the odds are good it was based on a stephen king book.Shining, dark half, misery, secret window, it... all about writerstry for stephen king and see ... Read More »

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How to Cure Writer's Block?

Writer's block is a severe disease that targets your imagination and disables the nerves that flow from your creativity to your pencil (or keyboard), but cannot be cured with medication. Kidding! W... Read More »

Y&R ..... Have the writers gone off?

I found Lauren to be rather boring before this whole thing happened, and maybe the point of the storyline was to make her do something interesting...But I will not lie... this is lunacy!That's the ... Read More »

How do writers get agents?

If you are serious about being a published author, you must have the proper representation. Authors must seek out agents to represent them to publishers so their books can be distributed throughout... Read More »

How to Timebox for Writers?

Writers, due to the flexibility of their working patterns, need to know more time management techniques than most professionals. Yet, because of their creativity, many are resistant to learning mor... Read More »