Is there a cure for the bird flu?

Answer No. Flu is caused by a virus, and WebMD points out there is no cure for any kind of flu. Flu symptoms, however, can be treated. Medicinenet says studies suggest that medicines approved for other hu... Read More »

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Is there a vaccine or cure or treatment for bird flu?

Currently there is no cure for the bird flu (H5N1), but the symptoms are treated. There has been a vaccine developed for the US, but it is stockpiled by the government in case there is a pandemic, ... Read More »

Will penicillin cure bird flu?

No, penicillin is not intended to treat avian flu. Bird flu is caused by the H5N1 flu virus; penicillin is an antibiotic designed to kill bacteria, not viruses, and will not have any effect against... Read More »

Is there any cure that can totaly cure you from cancer if you have cancer?

Hopefully some day soon. But for now, the answer sadly is no, nothing, no kind of treatment, no kind of surgery is 100% guaranteed.

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