Is there a cure for scoliosis?

Answer Scoliosis, a spinal curve greater than 10 degrees when measured by an X-ray, can only be cured by surgery to fuse the bones of the spine with metal hooks or rods. A brace worn on the back can keep ... Read More »

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Is there a cure for adult scoliosis?

Yes, in many cases, adult scoliosis, the abnormal curvature of the spine, can be treated to the point where the disease is effectively cured. The two main treatment options are surgery on the spine... Read More »

How to cure or treat scoliosis help?

You've found out the hard way about chiropractors and idiopathic scoliosis. I'd like you to email me if this reply doesn't answer all of your questions. Thanks.I've posted the following a few tim... Read More »

Does swimming cure/stop scoliosis ?

it doesn't cure it but swimming is a great way to recover from scoliosis surgery.

Are there any college scholarships for people with scoliosis?

If you have a disability your state vocational rehabilitation department may be able to sponsor your college education, they will look at...1. Do you have a disability, documented by a physician2. ... Read More »