Is there any real help for those that suffer from fibromyalgia?

Answer Hello,I feel this is such a "new" condition that it will be some time before anything else comes out.Diet,environment including stress is all a apart of pain management. I too have pain most days, ... Read More »

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Is there any cure that can totaly cure you from cancer if you have cancer?

Hopefully some day soon. But for now, the answer sadly is no, nothing, no kind of treatment, no kind of surgery is 100% guaranteed.

Is there a cure for genital herpes If there is I want to know about it now!!!!!!!!!!?

Is there a cure for the bird flu?

No. Flu is caused by a virus, and WebMD points out there is no cure for any kind of flu. Flu symptoms, however, can be treated. Medicinenet says studies suggest that medicines approved for other hu... Read More »

Is There a Cure for Claustrophobia?

The treatments of choice are cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), behavioral therapy (basically exposure therapy), and in some cases use of medication (typically beta-blockers like propranolol or pi... Read More »