Is there a cure for essential tremors?

Answer I don't know if there is actually a cure, but ways to make them less frequent and more tolerable. I ran across this link. Hope it helps.

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Can you hold a job with essential tremors?

On One Hand: Essential Tremor May InterfereSevere cases of essential tremor, a condition involving involuntary shaking, may interfere with one's job or other daily activities. For example, some pat... Read More »

How to Use Essential Oils to Cure a Bacterial Infection?

If you are attempting to limit your prescription use, essential oils can be used in place of pharmaceuticals. Both essential oils and prescriptions have a place in our society and our health, and u... Read More »

Does toxemia cause tremors?

On One Hand: Not a Normal SymptomAccording to WebMD, toxemia (eclampsia) does not cause tremors but can cause seizures if left untreated. Toxemia is a condition that affects pregnant women. The sym... Read More »

Does hypoglycemia cause hand tremors?

Hypoglycemia, or low blood sugar, has a variety of symptoms, including weakness, shakiness, anxiety, confusion, hunger, sweating, dizziness, tremor and heart palpitations. Some of these symptoms as... Read More »