Is there a cost-efficient way to store or dry grass clippings?

Answer It depends how valuable the clippings are to you. If you are saving them to feed a horse in winter, then you have to balance the cost of drying them against the cost of buying hay later on. The su... Read More »

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How do I compost with grass clippings?

CollectionCollect grass clippings with any other moist, green organic waste that you may have available, including such common materials as fruit scraps, vegetable peels and cow, horse, goat or she... Read More »

Can grass grow from clippings?

On One Hand: Environment EnrichmentWhen left on the grass, clippings provide lawns with rich nutrients such as nitrogen and potassium. According to Organic Gardening, beneficial earthworm activity ... Read More »

Is it good to put grass clippings in the garden. If so how much?

Grass Clippings It is best if they are composted first for several reasons. Firstly, they can form a water-repellent mat and thus cause water stress. Secondly, there may be seeds of grass or weeds ... Read More »

Are grass clippings good for mulching tree seedlings?

On One Hand: It Seems Like a Good IdeaGrass clippings are free, organic and will save you a trip to the garden center.On the Other: There Are Some DrawbacksGrass clippings may contain chemicals tha... Read More »