Is there a correlation between Vegetarianism and Atheism?

Answer I'm not a atheist, yet i'm saying this...Both vegetarianism and atheism are more accepted by LIBERALS, at least INTELLECTUALLY, which would mean owning a firearm and being Christian would also have... Read More »

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Is there a correlation between colors and depression?

Basically yes.Of course, if person has severe clinical depression, then it is unlikely that sitting in a green room would instantly lift him/her out of it. The effect is more subtle. Colour psychol... Read More »

Is there a correlation between expletive word use and IQ?

An person's IQ or intelligence quotient is a measurement of his ability to use reasoning and memory skills. There is no evidence to prove that a person's IQ is linked to expletive use. Expletive us... Read More »

Is there any link between vegetarianism and aggresion?

Red meat is an important source of iron and if you are not making up for it in other ways, this can lead to an iron deficiency."Research shows that among adolescent males, iron deficiency is direct... Read More »

Is there a correlation between adopted persons and narcissism?

AnswerYes! Narcissism is the result of inadequate, chaotic or inconsistent "mirroring" in early life. "Mirroring" means: the many times every day when a stable consistent adult caregiver notices ho... Read More »