Is there a copyright symbol button on a standard keyboard ?

Answer No, but you can type one in nearly any windows program by holding in the ALT key and then typing 0169 on the numeric pad and then releasing ALT.

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If I push this "pause/break" button on my keyboard, will my keyboard become dormant ?

Nope.When your computer is booting up during POST if you push the button it will basically pause the system.

How to Make a Copyright Symbol Using a Pc?

So you've decided you want to copyright something but aren't quite sure how to make the symbol well this is for you!!

How do I type the copyright symbol in Photoshop CS2?

Open Photoshop and either open the document into which you want to insert the copyright symbol or open a new document.Select the "Type Tool" from the Tools Panel at the left of your screen. Set you... Read More »

How do I make a copyright symbol (the c inside a circle) and the trademark (r inside the circle) symbol?

The © symbol is 0169 (try holding the Alt key and typing 0169). The ® symbol is 0174 (try holding the Alt key and typing 0174).