Is there a contact number for kinoki detox pads?

Answer The normal heart rate for an eight year old is about 80-120 beats per minute.

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Do detox foot pads (Kinoki pads) really work?

Nope, its a scam. Wet it and the tea hidden in the pad turns brown. Sweat from feet, trapped by adhesive, does that.

Do Kinoki detox foot pads work?

On One Hand: Foot Pad Makers Say They Draw Out ToxinsKinoki Detox Foot Pads are one of the best-known brands of detoxification pads, which you adhere to your feet and leave overnight. The makers of... Read More »

Have you ever used the Kinoki Detox Footpads?

Are you only Dr. of Muffins? (LOL). Actually I was looking into this once quite a while ago cuz I figured it wouldn't hurt (since I have MS), so I noticed the last time I seen this Q and everyone (... Read More »

Has anyone ever tried a detox foot patch like Kinoki or Verseo?

I haven't myself because I was pregnant when we discovered them, and am now breast feeding, but my boyfriend used them. He started feeling more energized, and waking up refreshed instead of draggi... Read More »