Is there a computer mouse that doesn't make noise when you press the buttons?

Answer No they all make that noise so you know that the buttons work

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How to stop my mouse from turning off when i press both buttons?

Computer Mouse Bindable Buttons?

You need to just browse for dell gaming mouse, it will cost you only 10-15 dollars if you buy it from.

How does I press "copy" or "paste" on my computer keyboard without using my mouse?

Ctrl + C is copyCtrl + V is pasteCtrl + Z is undo (comes in handy)Ctrl + P is printCtrl + N opens a new Internet Explorer windowAlt + Tab lets you cycle quickly through all your open windowsThe lit... Read More »

Why Doesn't Apple Just Make a mouse with 2 buttons ?

Because Steve Jobs, the Despot Ruler at Apple, didn't think anyone would ever need more than one button. "Why would anyone ever need more than 640KB of RAM.", sound familiar (Bill Gates)?FYI: OS ... Read More »