Is there a company that takes crt monitors for free or schedules pick ups?

Answer Check with your local dump. Mine allows civilians to dump 2 per year per family for free. Get a few friends involved and ya got the job done. The problem with CRT's is the 5 or so pounds of lead sh... Read More »

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What is the best company for CRT monitors?

the best brand for CRT monitors by far is EIZO. i'm just typing this answer on it! - btw, i bought it in April 1996 (more than 10 years ago) and it's still up and running as on the first day.http:/... Read More »

How to Find Out If a Company Takes Credit Cards?

As electronic payments become more and more prevalent, cash is slowly disappearing from people's wallets, making it extremely important to know if a particular company accepts credit cards. Althoug... Read More »

What happens when property management company takes over and you have no rental agreement?

Tenancy law is different in different countries but the "property management company taking over" part is neither here nor there. For the UK, if you do not have a rental agreement in place then as ... Read More »

Can we have monitors radiation free?

I am with you there. I agree with cirric, too. One can use an LCD instead of a CRT monitor. If you’re using a CRT, putting a glass filter can lessen the glare and radiation effects. Another tip i... Read More »