Is there a coffee out there that tastes like chocolate?

Answer suisse mocha

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Is there a similar chocolate that tastes like the cadbury mini eggs that are found only for easter?

Yes there is. You ever heard of Eggies? It's produced by Hershey and is also sold at Easter. The Cadbury mini-eggs and Hershey's Eggies look AND taste alike, but there are *very* miniscule differen... Read More »

Is there any beer that actually tastes good?

If you mean easier to drink. You want a sweeter beer. Try Boddingtons it comes in a tall yellow can very smooth and easy to drink. Another sweeter beer is Pyrimid Hefewiezen. Put a lemon wedge and ... Read More »

How many of you out there think that milk tastes gross?

OMG I hate milk!! I thought I was the only person who couldn't stand the taste.

Are there coffee makers that grind coffee but are also compatible with k-cups?

Hello Jess,I don't think they exist.I would be happy if i get a coffee maker that can make coffee from coffee beans, and also make coffee out of k-cups..