Is there a coffee cup like this stuff ( ♥☆☂)?

Answer Yes they sell those at the (♥☆☂) store.It is right across the street from the (☂☆♥) store.

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Why do I have this rash-like stuff?

I recently asked the same question. I think the best thing that you can do before telling an adult or a dermatologist is to do some research on it. There are all kinds of skin rashes. But please re... Read More »

Is there a coffee out there that tastes like chocolate?

Dunkin Donuts Coffee Starbucks Coffee Or McDonald's Coffee Which do you like better?

Out of the three, Dunkin Donuts makes the most regular tasting coffee which is better than the watered down coffee you get at starbucks and the artificially flavored coffee at Mcdonalds.

I am I possibly the only one on this site that like Starbucks Coffee?

I LOVE LOVE LOVE STARBUCKS!! It's the best ever OH MY GOSH!! YA GO STARBUCKS AND GREEN MEMBER ME??I'm the one who had the who likes green question!! and i picked you for my best answer so you shoul... Read More »