Are they going to have a 10 year anniversary for the Amanda Show this year?

Answer No, they're not.

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What color is the 25th anniversary?

Celebrating 25th anniversaries with silver gifts grew out of traditions in medieval Germany. Wives received wreaths of silver, symbolizing marital harmony. The Wedding Anniversary Site lists silver... Read More »

What color is the 40th anniversary?

Red is the official color of the 40th wedding anniversary because the ruby, a rich red gemstone, is the official gift. Forty red roses or other ruby-colored flowers, such as nasturtium, are nice gi... Read More »

What color represents the 50th anniversary?

Gold is the traditional color for the 50th anniversary. Gold represents brilliance, power, wealth and beauty. It also signifies the hope for a more refined and perfect understanding of love. Gemsto... Read More »

One Year Anniversary!?

Kudos and praise be upon you! How does it feel to no longer be 'the most disliked person in the veggie section" (to paraphrase your own words)? :-PWelcome to the top ten list also!! It's about d*mn... Read More »