Is there a camera with built-in infrared How do we construct it?

Answer Any DSLR can be converted to IR. Its expensive and after that the camera does not see normal color . Here is one place that does it…If its for a project I ... Read More »

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Is there any compatible extension ring or tube for NEC infrared camera?

Which camera in particular, NEC make a range of IR/thermal cameras, most (all possibly) have lenses that are fixed to the camera body.If you have one with a removable lens then extension tubes with... Read More »

Do you find in stores Peephole Door Camera with infrared?

I've never seen one with IR, although it could be done. You'd have to mount the IR emitters in another location, to the side or above the door, to make it work. If you try to add them to the actual... Read More »

What do you call a picture that was taken with an infrared camera?

Is there such a thing as a camcorder witha built in digital camera?

I doubt there is a camcorder on the market these days that doesn't also take still pictures. However if you want good quality video and good quality still photographs you will not find this in one... Read More »