Is there a cable you can buy to link to a printer ?

Answer For iPad, there is no cable that allows you to connect to a printer. Even if you did manage to connect via a cable, it would not work. You need a printer that is capable of AirPrint. Otherwise, you... Read More »

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Can i plug a dvi-d single link cable into a dvi-d dual link slot?

Yes. DVI-D dual link is backwards compatible with DVI-I, DVI-A or DVI-D single link. You can quite happily plug this TV into your computer if that's what you are trying to do. Just remember that DV... Read More »

Where can i buy an i.Link cable for a sony handycam camcorder (the dv output to pc cable)?

You seem to be very confused - - your question asks about an i-link (firewire) cable - but then you go on to talk about USB type A and BUSB and firewire (i-link) are NOT the same - they use very di... Read More »

What is the name of the clip that holds and locks the printer cable to the printer?

A data cable linking the printer cable to the computer is known as a serial cable. Some serial cables have an extra pair of metal fixtures which serve to lock the cable in place on the device. This... Read More »

What does a G-Link RCA cable do?

G-Link RCA cables for digital video contain IR emitters, which improve infrared signals that connect to cable boxes, satellite receivers and video recorders. G-Link video and digital audio cables b... Read More »