Is there a brand of HDTV that are still made in Japan?

Answer Panasonic still assembles, with pride, their 58", 65", & 103" plasma TVs in Japan. Sharp's LCD screens are made in Japan, but I doubt that all their TVs are assembled there.

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Has anyone heard of the cookware brand "XINOX" from Japan?

I can't say I have ever heard of itA search comes up with a WatchmakerGo by price and if it is cheap it may be less in qualityChetak

What is best brand for hdtv lcd?

That's kind of arbitrary but Phillips and Magnavox are considered to be good brands, and have good track records. Sony is also very nice.

What is a very good 30"-40" HDTV brand?

I use a 32" 1080p lcd vizio and have had it for over a year on my ps3 and cable but samsung is also good. I install a lot of tv's and hook up a lot of ps3. Just make sure it is a 1080p tv

What is the best brand of lcd hdtv projector?

It depends upon your taste in lcd hdtv projectors. If you want a high tech one i would look at brands such as Epson. You can find this brand at local best buy stores.