Is there a book by john steinbeck called"holiday"?

Answer John Steinbeck never penned a novel entitled "Holiday." However, Steinbeck was hired to write for "Holiday," a travel magazine. Between 1954 and 1961, 10 Steinbeck articles were featured in the pub... Read More »

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How is the pearl formed in the book by john Steinbeck?

it was a large as asea-gull"S was the gratest pearl in the world

How old was coyotito from the book the pearl by John Steinbeck?

For some odd reason this is not stated directly in the story. It is assumed he is a preschool child, but no age is given. The name literally means Little Coyote. The howl of the wolf or wolf-like a... Read More »

Who killed Coyotito in the book 'The Pearl' by John Steinbeck?

AnswerThe trackers hear the cry and think it's a coyote so they fire a shot thinking it will shut the animal up. The shot did in fact hit Coyotito! (by blind luck) "Kino was in mid-leap when the g... Read More »

Where is Coyotito killed in the book The Pearl by John Steinbeck?