Is there a Wikipedia policy that comes close to being enforced as written?

Answer I would say probably the banning policy. That is not because the choice between a ban and a block is in anywise made logically or consistently. Those choices are just as illogical, arbitrary and ... Read More »

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Is there a way to find out who has written or edited a Wikipedia entry?

You can find out the pseudonyms (or altenatively the IP address) of those who edit or create Wikipedia pages. To do this click on the Tab that says:View historyat the top of the page. When you do t... Read More »

How to request citation on a sentence written in Wikipedia that may need some editing?

Just add{{fact}}at the end of the sentence that needs editing. Robots will take care of putting on the date and whatever other technical things are required.Whether or not it gets corrected or not,... Read More »

Several months ago or maybe years there was an article written on wikipedia about arrogance but for some reaso?

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Is there a Wikipedia policy Jimbo Wales routinely ignores?

I would say that Jimbo most often violates "WP:AGF" or "assume good faith". Very often, I see him sweeping his talk page of honest-to-goodness comments and questions that he simply assumes were le... Read More »