Is there a White Castle fast food place in Vegas ?

Answer None here. Two options. They sell the burgers in most of the major grocery stores and you can do a reheat at homeAnd some of the work places have 2 packs in the snack machines. One of my employers ... Read More »

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Is there a White Castle in walking distance from Grand Central Station in NYC?

That depends on whether you like to walk or not.There's one at 36th Street and 8th Avenue. That's a lot closer to Penn Station.

Was it ever a white castle in houston tx?

There was a Krystal burger a few years ago on 1960 near 45N. Closed in 2011 and I dont think it had been here very long.

What is the pre-cooked weight of a White Castle hamburger patty?

.70 ouncesActually, it is 2 ounces.I am suspicious of the 2-ounce figure. The entire weight of the hamburger, cooked and including the bun, according to White Castle, is 58 grams, or about 2 ounces... Read More »

Do you think any of the Presidents ever just throw in a few White Castle hamburgers in the microwave oven?

They have to eat, shower, and shave. We're all human:)