Is there a White Castle fast food place in Vegas ?

Answer None here. Two options. They sell the burgers in most of the major grocery stores and you can do a reheat at homeAnd some of the work places have 2 packs in the snack machines. One of my employers ... Read More »

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What time do fast-food restaurants close in las vegas?

It depends on the location and the restaurant. Some places on the strip or Fremont Street may never close. Other places in the City of Las Vegas may be open until about 11pm or they may be 24/7. ... Read More »

Is there a White Castle in walking distance from Grand Central Station in NYC?

That depends on whether you like to walk or not.There's one at 36th Street and 8th Avenue. That's a lot closer to Penn Station.

Is there any place in Las Vegas with low-calorie desserts?

There is a Bake Shop; Mrs. Williams Bakery that makes all sorts of "Diabetic Delights". Everything is sugar free. However, that's not necessarily equivalent with low ca... Read More »

Whats the WORST fast food place?