Is there a UTAU english version for mac?

Answer Check here and check out your nearest Mac User Group!

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How do I make an utau page on utau wiki?

You can make an account for the wiki first to gain full editing and uploading permission. Then, find another UTAU's page that has the grid, click edit, and copy everything on the UTAU's page. Then ... Read More »

Is there a English version of Noein the anime?

AnswerYes, there is. Although it may be difficult to find English dubbed versions of Noein (especially over the internet), it is possible and they do exist. There will be a link at the bottom of th... Read More »

What is the difference between iphone 4 korean version hongkong version and malaysian version and why the said two versions are cheaper than hongkong version thank you?

What was the first English version of the Bible?

According to History World, John Wycliffe and his followers produced the first full English Bible versions of the Old and New Testament in the late 14th century. This translation helped stimulate t... Read More »