Is there a TV that doesn't need cable satellite or converter box to function?

Answer all of them.

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Are there any internet TV services that compete with cable or satellite tv?

Theirs loads of them, but most of them are not legal just type in the channel you want in Google and im sure loads of streams will pop up for you to watch! for FREE!! Good Luck

Why is it that with cable/satelite you do not need a converter if you have an analog TV?

Because the conversion occurs in the box. A digital signal is received by the box, and then converted into an anologue signal and sent to the telly, usually through a scart lead but you can do it t... Read More »

Will you need an HDTV converter if you have satellite?

TV satellites broadcast in two digital formats: standard and high definition. If you're looking to receive high definition broadcasts, you'll need an HD satellite receiver and an HDTV. You can rece... Read More »

Do you need cable or satellite service to watch TV?

You do not need cable or satellite service to watch television in the United States, but do need a digital converter box to access free television on analog television sets. You also need antennae ... Read More »