Is there a Super Mario Bros. theme restaurant in southern California?

Answer Yes, but they only serve giant mushrooms. They are sooo spicy you then spit fire-balls. I give it one star.

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Can you beat the World 7 castle in"New Super Mario Bros. DS"with Mega Mario?

Yes, you can beat the castle of World 7 in "New Super Mario Bros. DS" by using a Mega Mushroom. Obtain the mushroom from Mega Toad's house north of stage 7-1 and save it until you get to the castle... Read More »

How to Dress Up As Mario from Super Mario Bros?

Mario was created by Shigeru Miyamoto as Nintendo's mascot and is an extremely well known video game character, possibly the most well known of all time.[1] Imitating Mario's style for a Halloween ... Read More »

How to Get to World 9 in New Super Mario Bros Wii?

The most recent Mario game released in the US is New Super Mario Bros Wii. As many of you know, there is an extra world for you to unlock at the end of the game. Read on to find out how to unlock it.

How to Get 99 Lives in New Super Mario Bros DS?

So you've just got the New Super Mario Bros. game, it's all so much fun until you run out of the little amount of lives you start with and you have to return back to where you last saved! Follow th... Read More »