Is there a Red Lobster in Portland?

Answer Yes Rosie there are quiet a few...But for an excellent seafood dinner I suggest McGraths.THAT is some good eating.

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I have ten lobster in a live well and i put an octopus in there and it inked.will the lobster be safe to eat?

why wouldn't they be? ink is used in many culinary sauces.

Is there a lobster festival in Maine?

Maine's annual lobster festival is held in Rockland. Features of the festival include a parade, entertainment, cooking contests, road races and many different activities for children. The Maine Lob... Read More »

Is there a purple colored lobster?

The purple reef lobster, also known as a Debelius’ lobster, is a purple- to magenta-hued crustacean. Purple reef lobsters are common salt-water aquarium invertebrates. These lobsters can grow up ... Read More »

How many kinds of lobster are there in the u.s.?

According to the website Lobster Help, there are two types of lobster that live in the waters around the United States. The Maine lobster is indigenous to the East coast, and the spiny lobster live... Read More »