Is there a Q+A site that doesn't take "Breather's"?

Answer None on Y!A anyway pat!

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I saw a commerical to win a naruto headband, when i try to go on the site it doesnt work! Help!?

the real website is

Swiss Saver Pass number doesnt work for GA Switzerland option in trenitalia site ?

The GA isn't the same as the Swiss Pass, it covers the same routes but is for Swiss residents, and goes for at least a month, usually a year.Don't know what you should do, though, sorry. You could ... Read More »

How Do Valve Cover Breathers Work?

It can happen with a fancy French cologne or an inexpensive scent you picked up at your local mini-mart. The bottle has been sitting on your bathroom counter for a couple of years and you wonder if... Read More »

What Is the Purpose of Valve Cover Breathers?

Valve cover breathers are generally used with older engines and act as vents to release blowby-induced pressure in an engine's crankcase. Though modern engines take this venting one step further by... Read More »