Is there a GPS Road Navigator that can give you the simplest route?

Answer yes, you need to look at newelectronx gps. it gives exactly what you are asking for and then so. best wishes.

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Do they make a GPS Navigator that can recommend a Scenic Route?

Some board discussions listed here seem to indicate that there are units out there that 'do' scenic routes:…Newer databases list points of interest (POI) t... Read More »

Is there an Android app that tells you if police are on the route you plan?

Yes it is the radar detecter app. It cost $17.40, since it just came out.

Hotels Near Morse Road & Route 71 in Columbus, OH?

Columbus is in central Ohio. The intersection of Morse Road and Interstate 71, in the north central section of Columbus, is close to several of the city's attractions and activities. Visit the Ohio... Read More »

What does evacuation route on a road sign mean?

"Evacuation route" on a road sign notifies motorists that, in the event of a natural disaster or a man-made calamity, the road they are following is a designated path of escape. Evacuation route si... Read More »