Is there a Florida law that prohibits any drink other than water by a condo pool?

Answer Read your governing documents, which are usually based in state law to determine the rules and regulations regarding use of the pool.

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Will the level of salt in a salt water pool harm birds and other animals that drink from it?

Answer No, animals will not be harmed by drinking water treated by a salt sanitization system.The amount of salt in a saltwater treated pool is very low (around 0.5%, which is one-half of one-perce... Read More »

Is there a safer drink out there other than Gatorade?

Get you even more mad, check the sodium level.Pretty high.Try coconut water.Doesn't taste like coconuts.High in potassium,more electrolytes.

Is there any other test other than water deprevation in order to be diagnosed as DI (diabetes insipidus)?

Clearly no one who read your question knows. When this happens to me, I look it up myself. If you had done so, you probably would have found this link:…

Are there any other herbs/ plants that can be smoked other than marijuana?

Catnip is not very good for the lungs and doesn't get you high. Tea is pretty much the only other option, it doesn't affect anything and gives off strong flavors.