Is there a Drink that you will never try under any circumstances?

Answer Hmm, I guess I would also say vegetable juice. I love vegetables but I've never tried vegetable juice and I don't want to try it-.-

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What kind of Non Alcoholic Drink would you never try under any circumstances?

Umm not sure. Last time I said I wouldn't try vegetable juice but my sister forced me to drink it and it wasn't So probably the coconut drinks that my dad always buys...Never tried it a... Read More »

Which type of Pizza will you never have under any circumstances?

M&M pizza, I never knew their was such a thing till a few neighbors of mine made one, The thought of it makes me wanna throw up.

What's one thing you will never put on your Sandwiches under any circumstances?

Baloney.. it never tasted good to me. I would rather eat just plain bread than a bologna sandwich.

Under what circumstances can a man who was never married to a child's mother prevent her and the child from moving out of the state?

Answerthe best defense is to have some physical documentation stating that you are indeed the father. once you have this get a lawyer to argue before a judge that this move would not be in the best... Read More »