Is there a DRINK called Yahoo in the UK?

Answer No, it's called Yazoo....It's a milk shake type drink:…

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Why is the alcoholic drink called long island ice tea when there is no ice tea in the drink?

Because it LOOkS like iced tea. The first time I had one, someone else ordered it for me. I had no idea what was in it. I assumed it was some "flavor" called "Long Island". When it came, it looked ... Read More »

Is there an alcoholic drink called Panama coffee?

There is no mixed drink called "Panama Coffee." There is, however, "Panama Deluxe," made with one part vodka, one part Kahlua coffee liqueur, one part creme de cacao and two parts cream, shaken tog... Read More »

Is there a drink that you refuse to drink again...?

Jim Beam and Koolaid. I got drunk off of this concoction, went into the bathroom to throw-up, slipped on the rug, fell and hit my face on the toilet. I had a huge black eye for family portraits the... Read More »

Are there any other good blog sites out there, besides My Space and Yahoo! 360? (my personal fav.)