How old do you have to be to work at Borders bookstore?

Answer Borders has no minimum age for hiring, though the company prefers employees who are high school graduates or 18 years of age or older. Borders complies with all state laws governing the employment ... Read More »

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Why are there black borders in compiz-fusion?

Will there be Black borders on my new cameras picture and video?

Hi Jordan: The "key" to whether a particular screen (and the images inside it) have a "black border" anywhere (top & bottom, or on the sides, which is what I believe you are referring to, like on Y... Read More »

In 'Word 2003' there was a way of making your own design page borders ...?

Do you mean by using right button of mouse down to borders and shading and then choosing either a new style,colouring, width etc or clicking on the border art button? If so, this is still available... Read More »

Are there redwoods in Oregon?

There are redwood trees in Oregon. Oregon redwoods, however, are generally smaller than California redwoods. Many of Oregon's redwood trees are located on the Oregon coast just north of the Califor... Read More »