Is there a 3D-HDTV war going on similar to the battle between HD-DVD vs Blu-Ray?

Answer The batteried power glasses ones hurt your eyes after long term use. I suggest looking for a T.V that can also play normal Demensions, so that you dont have to constantly keep looking for the glass... Read More »

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Why did Toshiba loose in the battle of HDTV ?

Blu-ray was the better, higher-capacity format, and consumers were willing to pay extra for that. It's that simple.This is roughly the opposite of what happened with Betamax and VHS; VHS was the i... Read More »

Battle of Rock and Pop(details inside)(the ultimate battle of Pro and anti Jonas people)?

Ha Ha Ha! That is a funny question!Classic Rock and Current Rock. Not that Pop Garbage.

What was the program called that used to be on Channel 4 years ago where contestants would recreate a battle digitally ie The Battle of Hastings?

Do I need to buy a HDTV tuner to get 1080p signals over the air on your un55c8000 HDTV -- I have a very good outside digital antenna?

1080p signals are not currently being broadcast on any major network at present. Broadcasters are currently using either 1080i or 720p. 1080p demands twice the bandwidth and it is expected to be so... Read More »