Is there a 13th book of"Daughters of the Moon"?

Answer The 13th novel in the "Daughters of the Moon" series by Lynne Ewing is titled "The Final Eclipse." In this conclusion to the series, the daughters battle the evil Atrox for the final time.Source:Hy... Read More »

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You are almost 37 weeks and your due date is May 13Th you went to the doctor today and he said you were dilated 2cm and that there was definitly a head down there how long before you go into labour?

AnswerWell, they told me the same thing. I didn't go into labor until two weeks later. It just depends on how well YOUR labor goes.

Why Isn't There a 13th Floor in Hotels?

Fear of the number 13, triskaidekaphobia, leads some to think that anything linked to or anyone associated with it will bring bad luck. Not all skyscrapers or tall buildings omit the 13th floor--Ne... Read More »

Is there a 13th floor in the Mayo Clinic?

I believe the Mayo building and the Gonda have ten floors.I went to Physical Therapy school at Mayo in the '80's. I can't remember for sure how many floors the Mayo Clinic has but it is at least 15... Read More »

The National Aeronautics and Space Administration NASA says that there is ice on some parts of the moon. What does this tell you about temperatures on these parts of the moon?

The message is that it's really cold there. As the moon has no atmosphere, there is no atmospheric pressure. Atmospheric pressure has a pronounced effect on the boiling point of water. If the water... Read More »