Who appeared on the 1000 lire bill?

Answer Maria Montessori appears on the front of the 1000 lire bill. She is a famous Italian educator from the early 20th century who established her own method of education based on giving children more i... Read More »

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Can you copy a dollar bill on the scanner then print it out or is there something in the bill that doesn't a?

all currency is now protected in ten different ways so it would be impossible to even try it it will never work

I know my husband has been calling his ex on his cellphone, but there aren't any records on the bill, is there?

Most carriers don't include a detailed paper bill anymore, you probably have to sign in an online account to see the call details, if that is what you are asking. If not, no, there is no way to di... Read More »

Does saturne have 1000 rings this is unknow but nasa thinks there is 23?

Is there an age cut off for the Montgomery GI Bill?

The Montgomery GI Bill is available to those serving with a Reserve until for at least six years. It is also available to those who served active duty and there are various eligibility requirements... Read More »