Is there Who S Here app for Samsung Android like in Iphone?

Answer Instead of dragging the unlock ring up drag the answer icon into the ring - works every time

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Is there any app like "play via radio" for the android and iphone?

Are there any cheats for imobster for your samsung android phone?

My friend put his in rice and that seemed to dry out all of the moisture.

Is it safe to buy android company(branded like samsung sony htc) phones in ritchie street?

Though I am not from Chennai I would like to share my opinion. See phone which have Android & Brands like Samsung, Htc, etc all costs a bit more but you certainly get for what you pay. Since you st... Read More »

Is there any slow typers like me in here?

Its not the quantity of the work but the quality. Some people type so fast they don't make sense. Partial words and mi-spelled words can be a nightmare especially if you have to decipher them in or... Read More »