Is there VAT on fuel?

Answer Every country in the European Union has value added tax (VAT). Each country has its own levels of this tax. All consumable products sold in these countries is subject to this tax, including fuel.So... Read More »

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How many gallons of jet fuel are there per barrel of crude?

According to the U.S. Energy Information Administration, each 42-gallon barrel of crude oil yields 44 gallons of petroleum products. Of those 44 gallons, a little more than four gallons is jet fuel... Read More »

Are there any countries that use E85 as their main fuel?

As of March 2010, 45 percent of Brazil's motor fuel comes from sugarcane, which is used to make ethanol fuels like E85. Every gas station throughout Brazil offers E85, with the country being the s... Read More »

There is enough fuel in a jumbo jet to drive a car around the world how many times?

The Boeing 747-8, scheduled to enter service in 2010, carries 64,055 gallons of fuel. Although aircraft fuel is not interchangeable with auto fuel, a specially equipped Ford Taurus, averaging 28 hi... Read More »

What kind of fuel distribution system does the us military use for there ground ops?

As far as I can tell, yes. The only requirement seems to be military service of at least 90 days after 11 September 2001. Below is an excerpt directly from the US Dept. of Veteran Affairs web site:... Read More »