Is there REALLY such thing as a vegan?

Answer As someone who's been vegan for 20+ years, I strongly disagree with the claim that anyone can be 100% vegan (in an industrialized country).If you're using a computer, it most likely contains steari... Read More »

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Is there such thing as vegan pizza?

yes. many varieties. here are some homemade ones makes a good pizza, if you bring daiya or follow your heart cheese some pizzerias will make itcheck ht... Read More »

How do I convince my family that me being Vegan is the right thing to do?

Write down their concerns, research them, explain why they needn't be concerned.I made a powerpoint presentation showcasing why factory farming is bad for the environment, for the workers and for c... Read More »

Why would someone try to get a vegetarian or vegan to eat meat is it a control thing think they need it?

Many will do that because they have an honest belief that we all need to eat meat and find that hard to accept V&Vs are just as healthy.There will be some who will deliberately wind them up, and th... Read More »

Is not eating honey a vegetarian or vegan thing?

It is a "non honey eating thing",, I really find it funny and amusing that people live their lives according a simple word defintion... You don't even know why some vegans would not eat honey.. You... Read More »