Is there REALLY such thing as a vegan?

Answer As someone who's been vegan for 20+ years, I strongly disagree with the claim that anyone can be 100% vegan (in an industrialized country).If you're using a computer, it most likely contains steari... Read More »

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Is there such thing as vegan pizza?

yes. many varieties. here are some homemade ones makes a good pizza, if you bring daiya or follow your heart cheese some pizzerias will make itcheck ht... Read More »

Is there such a thing as vegan tropism when vegetarians start to lean towards the direction of the sun?

Is there really such thing as quick sand?

Yes, there really is. It does occur naturally in some areas. It's basically a thick bog and it's sand or dirt mixed with water. You do sink because it's water and people freak out and it's hard ... Read More »

LADIES:Is there really such thing a "Happy Period"?

Sure, for the first few minutes when you can do the "Thank God I'm not pregnant dance" or at least that's what me and my future husband do every month.