Is there ANYTHING i can do for you master?

Answer why this question in financial aid?xxxH

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There is barely anything in my fridge and I'm starving help And I don't have $ to order anything?

Without telling us what you do have in your fridge, freezer or cupboard we can't help you.If there is bread and butter you could make a sandwich, or cook some eggs if you have someDune

Is there anything out there I can watch that is as random and funny as Derek And Clive?

Yeah I think they are very funny, I know what your after but not sure who is the similar to them. Maybe look up two guys called rod and tony, they are two welsh people who discuss topics that are p... Read More »

Is there anything out there that can open those ridiculous plastic packages?

I recently purchased a package opener called the Plastic Surgeon. Works great on those tough to open clamshell packages! I got it just in time to open holiday gifts for the kids.You can buy one her... Read More »

Is there anything natural out there( not in pill form) that can help me fall asleep?

sorry to hear about your mom but try Johnson and Johnson lavnder and chammomile line of products my husband has a hard time sleeping and I use this stuff b/c they said it would help babies go to sl... Read More »