Is there ANYTHING about Coca Cola that's good for you?

Answer Will If you let it set all night and it goes flat then drink it, it calms nausea I know that cause it a proven method

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Is there anything better than limewire [thats not to complicated] that u can download music & video thats free?

You better start using itunesotherwise you'll lose your internet…,2933,4700……

Dr Pepper,cherry Coca Cola or vanilla Coca Cola?

Opinions about coca-cola?

half a circle fulla circle half a circle a, half a circle fulla circle right angle a... a quiz like question that went around when we were little kids. cola has become a hot topic these days. cola ... Read More »

Weird about coca cola?

As I was reading the first few lines of your question, things like 'the quality of the taste of coca cola has decreased' were going through my mind. So I completely agree with your taste buds, coca... Read More »