Is there ANY government program that PAYS a older woman to go to college?

Answer Yes.

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Is there a program that can help me pay for my rent while in college?

I think that the program you are looking for is called JOB............get one.

College grant that pays for housing?

No it doesn't :(It only covers your tuition, if there is any money left they send you a tuition refund check, but if you go to one of those 4 years colleges/universities, the grants won't even be e... Read More »

Is there a game show that pays taxes on the prize?

you have to have married parents and at least two siblings

Where does the money come from that pays for the NASA Program year after year?

The simple answer is 'our taxes' Certain taxes are used for specific purposes such as the gasoline tax which is dedicated to road construction and repair. But a great deal of tax monies especial... Read More »