Is there such thing called lovesick?

Answer Oh yea, as almost any lover from 12 to 102 knows. The love sickness is not an actual infection (although an infection would explain the sickness), but is a depressed state of mind which occurs when... Read More »

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Is their such thing as an ex marine and army men?

no their is not such a thing as an ex marine or army men! There is a saying, "You can take the boy out of the service, but you can't take the service out of the boy." Substitute "army" or "Marines"... Read More »

What is the thing astronauts sleep on called?

a wall. they sleep in a sleeping bag against the wall of theier craft.

I was just wondering if such a thing exists support groups for mothers who had put their child up for adoption?… These are a few of the good ones that will respect you and recognize your pain. if the agency did... Read More »

Is there such a thing a "too much" tea?

It has caffeine in it...., unless it herbal.I'd probs stop now!