What foods have caffeine in them besides tea and chocolate?

Answer Bottled beverages (12 oz)Red bull 115.5Jolt 72Mountain Dew 55Diet Coke 45Dr. Pepper 41Coca Cola ClassicCoffee (8 oz)Brewed 80–135Instant 65–100Decaf brew 3–4Tea (8 oz)Iced 47Brewed 40–60Ins... Read More »

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Does Ghirardelli chocolate have caffeine?

All milk and dark chocolates contain caffeine, and this includes Ghirardelli chocolate. If you are trying to avoid caffeine completely, Ghirardelli chocolate should not be a part of your diet.Sourc... Read More »

Does dark chocolate contain caffeine?

Dark chocolate contains more caffeine than milk chocolate, but it doesn't contain as much as coffee. The average amount of caffeine in one ounce of dark chocolate is 20 milligrams. Milk chocolate c... Read More »

How much caffeine is in Swiss Miss hot chocolate?

Swiss Miss hot chocolate drinks are made by the Conagra Foods company, and the caffeine content varies, according to which drink you choose. In the standard one-packet serving, the milk chocolate v... Read More »

Which has more caffeine chocolate milk or chamomile tea?

Chocolate milk has more caffeine than chamomile tea. Being an herbal tea, chamomile tea naturally has no caffeine; while chocolate milk has 0.6 mg of caffeine per ounce--meaning a standard 8 oz. g... Read More »