Is their a way to re leave a pinched nerve in my back?

Answer Get some Ibuprofen

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Can a pinched nerve cause pain in back and front?

Pinched nerves in the back activate the muscles around them to tighten them up to trap the nerve and muscles into that pain. Tight muscles in your back can press into the nerves going around your ... Read More »

How is a pinched nerve healed in an area other than the back?

You can heal a pinched nerve by gently massaging the painful area and avoid jerky movements.

Can physical therapy on a pinched nerve in the neck cause a sore back?

yes. they don't even know what a pinched nerve is. nerves are usually interfered with while still filaments within the spinal cord, and manipulating your neck is likely to aggravate the cord pressu... Read More »

Why do you put heat on a pinched nerve and not ice?

Heat frees up and loosens an area in the body as opposed to cold which has the effect of tightening and stiffening an area. cold for instance is good to stop bruising before it gets too bad. heat o... Read More »