Are there any height requirements when making a "donation" at a sperm bank?

Answer height usually no less than 5-8"....Love honey

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Does anyone know where I can find a paying plasma donation center in the Philadelphia area?

If the American Red Cross has blood service in the Philadelphia area, chances are you will not be able to make money donating blood. If there is no blood program sponsored by the Red Cross,contact... Read More »

How Long Can You Store Sperm at a Sperm Bank?

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Can just anyone get sperm donation and how much does it cost?

i would like to say that while i do think it's best for the child to have two parents, that's only provided those two people create a good family environment for the children. i am not inclined to ... Read More »

Should sperm donation be allowed?

no i dont think so, there are lots of babies out there that need homes not only babies older kids to, sperm donation is a good way to f**k up the world, its some thing some real smart guys thought ... Read More »