Is their a software that will translate movie audio (Foreign Language) into text?

Answer to tellyou the truth what I do is google subtitles and look for the web pages there ar lots of them so find a good one for polish and download the subtitles file or files then named the subtitle fi... Read More »

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How to translate picture with foreign text in Word into editable/ translatable text?

Please try Japanese OCR., clip the image so that only a single sentence you'd like to translate is included without border, background-image, nor any noises, sa... Read More »

Is there any software which can translate hindi text to english text?

Here are some softwares:… and these are some online translation sites: http://www.shabdko... Read More »

How to Translate Audio Files to Text?

There are two principal methods for converting an audio file to text. You can use transcription software and key in the text, or use speech recognition software. Which will work best depends on wha... Read More »

Is there a software that can translate any language?

Babel Fish (online) can tanslate things to/from a lot of different languages, and I'm sure that there are programs that can translate certain languages. I don't know if there is one program with al... Read More »